Traffic is the only way to make money with Innity

make money with innity

[ad#adsense-328-text] I have a domain approved by Innity. After about three years using Innity and this is the first year I choose to use Bahasa Melayu for my Innity approved domain. Well.. the result is tremendously hiked. Very much different between the income on my English blog and Bahasa blog. On my English blog, on […]

INNITY: Not more than 3 standard ads

make money with innity

Just log into my Innity account, and there is a new notification for publishers by Innity. It sounds like a warning, “The prescribed number for standard banner ad slots on each page is 3. Request you to follow this guideline with immediate effect“ How many standards ads placed on your blogs or websites? And what is standards […]

Innity May Payment

make money with innity

Below is Innity payment for May. My blog is not that famous hehe So no wonder why the total accumulated amount from Innity is not that much as compared to some other bloggers. But it is okay, rezeki kan kena syukur.. Make money with Innity is all about traffic. The more traffic you have, the […]

Minus RM1. Should they do that?

how to make money on innity

“They”. I am referring for some advertising network such as Churp Churp, Nuffnang, Innity and others. I believe, many of us especially bloggers do make money with either Nuffnang or Innity, and Facebookers or Tweeters do make money with ChurpChurp or Says. ChurpChurp charges you RM1 whenever they process your cashout request.Nuffnang also charges you […]

Innity under maintenance

Under maintenance is something that rarely happen at Innity server. The last time Innity created problem was when the server has been hacked in 2009. Err.. I don’t know what happen on Innity for the moment, but I got this notification when try to log in.. can’t even log in. Hmmm.. Hope it will not […]

Innity payment received

[ad#adsense-328-text] This is this month earning from Innity. Just to share with you guys, not that much coz I know a lot more people out there who make thousand of Ringgit from Innity. Innity is an online advertising platform, similar to Nuffnang.  This is the real internet business, not like MLM or Royaltyfx. I know […]

Innity Server Issue Update

Received an update from Innity just now, [ad#328-x-300-adsense-image] In light of our previous announcement, Google has now completed a review of our domain and certified that has now been re-activated and has passed all checks. We at Innity though are still looking to enforce additional layers of checks and confirmations before reinstating all advertising scripts […]

Innity has been hacked?

[ad#328-x-300-adsense-text] This blog (before this post published) served Innity. Until I try to update this blog just now.. I got notification by Google as quoted below. So nothing I can do except removing their codes attached in this blog, and to make easier.. just delete the previous theme and use a new one. ?….Contains elements […]