Innity August Payment Received. Thanks For The Largest Payment!

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[ad#200-adsens-img] What a good day I received August payment from Innity today and this is the largest payment for this year from another blog of mine. The amount is MYR339.87 credited into my Maybank account. Seems that blogging is more fun, right? By the way, a very important tip to make money with Innity that […]


Innity July Payment

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This is July payment from Innity. Slightly better than previous payment. Well.. Should I update on Innity’s payment anymore as they have a good record of payment. Good record of payment I mean they are paying you even though sometimes the payment is quite late or delay. Most important, it is not yet scamming me […]


Innity is not a scam for Indonesian Publisher

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Before this I posted here about potential Innity scam alert for Indonesian publishers. But as I said, Innity is a premium advertising company and have good payment record to me. And I don’t expect that Innity will be a scam company. Finally an update from that blogger, he did mentioned that Innity now already paid […]