Innity Scam?

This is not a good news to me if it is true that Innity is a scam advertising company. I hope this rumor is not true. For the moment I have a good experience with Innity because Innity do pay me regularly (until I published this post). And the last payment to me was for the last month earning. It seems that everything is okay for Malaysian webmasters and bloggers ya.

I noticed that the problem about very late payment is among Indonesian and Singaporean publishers. See the attached screenshot of the complaint about Innity late payment at Innity Facebook Group.

innity scam

Further discussion is at this forum.

I am not really sure why Innity behave like that for Indonesian and Singaporean publishers. Innity is a premium advertising company, and this kind of problem should not exist. Hopefully, the same problem would not happen for Malaysian publishers.


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